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Are you looking for a commercial premises with a privileged location and great potential?~We present this incredible opportunity in a busy area of the town of Cunit.~~Exceptional features:~Large space of 275m²: Ideal for setting up your dream business, already be it a shop, restaurant, office or any other commercial activity.~Corner with large security windows: Enjoy maximum visibility and natural light, attracting customers and generating more impact.~Totally assembled for commerce: Save time and money, since the premises have all the necessary supplies and to start operating immediately.~Car ramp: Guaranteed accessibility for people with reduced mobility, cargo vehicles or ideal for vehicle sales businesses.~Outdoor terrace: Expand your commercial space and offers your customers a unique atmosphere to enjoy outdoors.~Complete facilities: Ready to use, with everything necessary for the proper functioning of your business. With smoke outlet.~Strategic location: This commercial premises is located in an area with a large influx of people, with high traffic of both vehicles and pedestrians. This guarantees you unbeatable visibility and a great potential of customers, close to prestigious businesses that have been operating for years.~Don't miss this unique opportunity to acquire a commercial premises with all the features you need for the success of your business Invest in your future and make your dream business come true.