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As a real estate company, we have long been dedicated to finding the factors that make a space a healthy home. There is a rule, the 3-30-300, which says that if you can see 3 trees from your window, if in an area there is a minimum of 30% tree cover and if you live less than 300 meters from 'a park or forest, you will live in a healthy and healthy environment and your health, at all levels, will be better. Do you know that houses bring us health? Well today I present to you a beautiful house, a viewpoint over Barcelona with the most incredible views you have ever imagined and with the Collserola Park at your back. Having the city at your feet and the green lung behind it is, without a doubt, a privilege within the reach of few homes.~In this case we are talking about a terrace on one floor attached, as Quevedo would say. Twenty-five meters of light, incredible views and privacy that will become your privileged refuge. From there you will see the sun rise, you will enjoy sunsets in which Barcelona turns golden and you will see how the sea can be silver, navy blue or blur with the sky. You will surely have breakfast, eat, have a glass of wine and invite friends over for dinner, and I guarantee you that they will be drooling over your dream terrace.~Another important factor in determining whether a home is healthy is ventilation and the light This flat is completely exterior, all the rooms (yes, ALL), have an exterior window. Of the two single rooms, one has a balcony with a very cool view. And the double, in addition to a complete dressing room, also has its own terrace. I don't think you will find a kitchen with more light and better views in the whole city and if you want to join it to the dining room, with a simple intervention it will be done.~And returning to the characteristics of a healthy home, even the fact of not having a lift will help you build muscle and be cardiovascular healthy. Buenoooo, by the way, this is a bit of a stretch, but I assure you that when you see this terrace you will see that climbing some stairs is a path that has a great reward :)