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Deep in the heart of the Garraf Natural Park, in La Plana Novella, there is an exceptional refuge, a house that goes beyond mere construction. It is a corner where dreams take shape and hearts find their true peace.~~This house is a jewel that has been carefully built with the finest and best materials, but its value transcends its price. It is a place where luxury mixes with the essence of nature and the tranquility of the environment.~~Imagine waking up every morning in this 318 m2 built house, on an 880 m2 plot, surrounded by the rustling of the leaves of the trees. trees and the singing of birds.~~The 132 m2 semi-basement ground floor, with capacity for 5 or 6 cars, engine room and versatile space, welcomes you with the promise of adventures to come.~~Get on the first one floor, and you will be surrounded by the warmth of four bedrooms, each with its own story to tell and 3 full bathrooms. The independent kitchen with island is the epicenter of family gatherings and shared moments, while the private garden, accessible from one of the rooms, is a corner of serenity, with a spacious living room that connects to a spacious terrace.~~In the second floor, a 34 m2 multipurpose space is a blank canvas for your dreams: an office where creativity flows, a bedroom that treasures your most precious memories, or a playroom where children's laughter fills the air, in addition From the living room you can find a large solarium surrounding the entire floor.~~But this house is much more than bricks and cement. It is a sanctuary where nature is your closest neighbor. The garden invites you to cultivate your own dreams, while the barbecue is the setting for unforgettable evenings under the stars. The ability to install your own private pool is the finishing touch to a life of luxury.~~Just a 2-minute walk away, the Sakya Tashi Ling Buddhist Monastery is a constant reminder of the spirituality that surrounds you. A 15-minute drive away, the beaches of Castelldefels, Olivella and Sitges offer an escape to the sea. And 25 minutes from El Prat airport, this house connects you with the world.~~But, above all, this house is a home for the soul. Here, in the Parc Natural del Garraf, your eyes will be filled with panoramic views and your heart will be filled with peace. It is more than a property; It is a place where dreams and reality merge in a life of incomparable quality.~~Come and discover this house that is much more than four walls; It is the refuge of your dreams, the place where life takes on a new meaning and nature becomes your life companion.~~Retail price without expenses or taxes.~