Terrace (10 mesas)




This transfer represents an exciting opportunity to acquire an established business in Sitges, a busy tourist location on the Catalan coast. The establishment is strategically located on the beachfront, which provides an undeniable competitive advantage by attracting both tourists and local residents.

What makes this transfer even more attractive is the versatility of the licenses available. With a bar, cafe and ice cream shop license, you will have the ability to offer a wide range of products to your customers. You can serve drinks, coffees, snacks, cakes, ice cream and more. This diversity allows you to adapt to your customers' changing needs throughout the day, from mornings with coffee to afternoons and evenings with soft drinks and ice cream.

The terrace with 10 tables is a great asset, allowing your customers to enjoy the sea views while they relax and enjoy their food or drink. The terrace can be a very attractive space during months of good weather and special events, further increasing income potential.

Overall, this transfer represents an exciting opportunity for those looking to enter the hospitality industry in a prime location. Good luck in your possible business adventure in Sitges!


Zone Centre.