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This commercial premises for sale on the ground floor, located on a through street in Les Roquetes, Sant Pere de Ribes, offers an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs or investors interested in establishing or expanding their business in a strategic location.

With an area of 95 m2, the premises have a wide and versatile space that can be adapted to a wide range of commercial activities. Being situated on a through street, it enjoys great visibility and foot traffic, increasing the potential for customers and potential customers.

The location in Les Roquetes is an advantage, since it is an area with an established and constantly growing community. In addition, the premises are surrounded by various services and shops, which attracts a diverse clientele and provides an environment conducive to the development of successful businesses.

The spaciousness of the premises allows the creation of cozy and functional spaces, which provides flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of the business. You can design the premises to house a store, an office, a restaurant, a cafeteria, a hairdresser, among others.

Before making a decision, it is important to carefully assess the needs of the business, consider planning regulations, and obtain professional legal and business advice. Working with an experienced real estate agent in the area will allow you to access relevant information and make an informed purchase.

In summary, this commercial premises for sale in Les Roquetes, Sant Pere de Ribes, presents an interesting opportunity for entrepreneurs or investors looking to establish themselves in a strategic location with a large area and commercial potential. Careful analysis and collaboration with professionals will help you make the most of this opportunity.


Les Roquetes (St. Pere de Ribes)