Investment opportunity on urban land in Les Roquetes, Sant Pere de Ribes. With an area of 320 m2, this land offers great potential to develop a construction project. The location is strategic, with access to important communication routes.

The land has the possibility of building in height, with a high constructive potential. With the permitted buildable area, it is possible to develop an ambitious project, such as the construction of an apartment building, a housing development.

The land is located in an urbanized area, which facilitates the necessary procedures and permits for construction.

The land is located in an area with a high demand for housing, which makes it an excellent opportunity to invest in a constantly growing market. In addition, Les Roquetes is a strategic location, with a growing demand for housing due to its proximity to Barcelona and its excellent transport connections.

This land offers a unique opportunity to invest and develop a custom build project in a growing location. Don't miss out on this investment opportunity in urban land with potential for a successful real estate development in Les Roquetes, Sant Pere de Ribes!".


Zone Centre.
Les Roquetes (St. Pere de Ribes)