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This large, open-plan space is perfect for entrepreneurs looking for a bright and versatile space. With a large window that allows for maximum exposure, the premises become an excellent option for businesses seeking to attract the attention of passers-by.~~In addition, it has a practical backroom area, which can be used as both a additional storage or integrated into the main room to offer even more space. ~~In the lowest part of the premises, there is a spacious storage area, where you can store all types of merchandise in an organized and safe manner. This additional feature will be invaluable for those businesses that need extra space for storing their products.~~The location of the premises is another point to highlight, as it is located on one of the busiest streets in Vilanova. This guarantees a large influx of people and potential clients who will be able to easily access your business.~~In summary, this open-plan premises with a large showcase, abundant lighting, a backroom area and a large storage room offers an excellent opportunity to establish your business in Vilanova and make the most of its privileged location. Don't hesitate to visit it and discover all its potential!


Vilanova i la Geltrú