Bakery and pastry for sale with cafeteria and tasting service with more than 20 years of experience in the population.~Ferdolç is an establishment that has a surface of more than 180m2 built, of which 50m2 are destined to the sale and tasting of house products, 55m2 belong to the workshop and 75m2 are destined to storage. Besides, it has a terrace of approximately 15m².~It has a cafeteria service with tasting with tables and capacity for 20 people inside and an outdoor terrace with capacity for 20 more people.~The workshop is its own and is where all the pastry products are made, the different types of bread, pastries, chocolates, etc. It is fully industrially equipped, with all kinds of specialized machinery (farming train, double-car oven, proofer, cold room...etc). The place has a smoke outlet. The business is located in the center, in a square with an unbeatable location and is sold with goodwill (a loyal customer base).~Ideal for entrepreneurs! It is transferred fully equipped to continue the activity from the first day, including facilities, machinery, tools and furniture.~~The price does not include taxes (ITP, VAT and AJD), notary fees or registration fees.


Sant Pere de Ribes