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HAVE YOU DETECTED OR DO YOU HAVE YOUR TARGET POPULATION IN THE UPPER AREA OF THE CITY?~ ~ This place in the upper area is excellently connected; with access to Ronda de Dalt, bus stop on the same street and close to the FFGG, in a mixed-occupancy building you will find this spacious 115 m2 office. The building has an elevator, although the office is located in a main lo which makes it possible for clients and employees to go upstairs quickly.~ ~ The premises have a double orientation both to Craywinckel street and to the block patio, it is diaphanous and has a toilet.~ ~ The office requires some small adjustments, so it is You can agree on the months of lack while the adjustments last and depending on the investment to be made, the rents would be adjusted and the duration of the rental contract would be established.~ ~ Do not hesitate to come and see it.