Central heating



Have you dreamed of living away from the madding crowd but an 8-minute drive from the town of Cubelles? Have you dreamed of living in the mountains, but having the beach 10 minutes by car or 12 minutes by bicycle? If you are looking for an individual house to put it to your liking and live in it, or are you looking for a house to disconnect on weekends or vacation periods? possibly this one may interest you .... ~ This house with 4 winds is located on a totally flat plot of no more and no less than 450m² (where you will have a plot or garden that will delight anyone who wants to put a vegetable garden, a swimming pool, or just have enough space to make your children and family happy) ..... breathe deeply that we continue ........ once charged with energy and viewing this description we suggest that you continue reading to know the distribution of the house. If you may be interested, keep reading but forget about it and look for another one ..... ~ Ahhh! are you interested? Well, we continue ..... on the ground floor it has a garage for one or 2 cars, and part of a large open-plan living room where you can distribute it to your liking and according to your needs, it also has a side entrance that leads to a double bedroom . (ideal and if the technical conditions allow it to be able to do even another home or temporary stay). ~ The first floor and home is accessed by a flight of stairs where once we have arrived, we find a beautiful terrace of almost 15m² where we can There is the entrance door to the house, entering we have a complete bathroom with a shower, an independent kitchen and a large living room with a fire to ground with access to another magnificent terrace with views of the garden from the back and where we glimpse a raft -pool- or pond ..... Bedrooms? Well, it has 2 triple bedrooms or what is the same, they can be converted into almost 2 double bedrooms and two singles, or 3 doubles ... or whatever you need ... that is up to you and according to your needs. ..... now close your eyes, take another deep breath and teleport .... (as we know you can't do it yet, I invite you to come and see it) ~ the house is located in the Les Estoreres urbanization, with access from the Carrertera del Pantano towards l'arboÇ or entrance through the Mas Trader I urbanization in Cubelles ..... we assure you that you will not miss .... the house needs reforms ideal to put it to your liking and is deeded in the Property Registry, even having a Certificate of Habitability and Energy Certificate !!!!