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This sunny and bright apartment offers us the opportunity to relax on a 175 m² terrace. It has the convenience of having the living room at the foot of the terrace, which allows us to play with both environments: indoor and outdoor. This allows us to have the summer dining room and the winter dining room, and to be able to articulate the spaces according to convenience. The terrace gives a lot of play. In the case of having small children, they can use the bicycle or any other toy to move freely on this large surface, or you can even set up a pool for the warm summer days. If you do not have children, this large space can be used for whatever you like, such as gardening, setting up an urban garden, or having several spaces with awnings and outdoor furniture to rest or have friends gatherings, for example. It is very nice to have a lush garden on the adjoining farm that offers us relaxing views and a feeling of freshness. Facing the terrace we also find the very sunny main room. Have you ever dreamed of waking up to the sound of nature? Wake up to the singing of birds? Well, as cheesy as it sounds, this apartment offers you that possibility because the terrace is located on the opposite side of the street, where the main entrance is located, therefore what it offers us is a lot of silence and a lot of tranquility. We have the option of a parking space in the same building with direct access from the elevator, not included in the price. ~ ~ The location of the apartment is excellent, in a quiet street where only the neighbors circulate, a few meters from the market with all the commerce it offers. Close to Mandri, a neuralgic street in Bonanova, which also has restaurants, shops, and other services. Close to hospitals, medical centers, clinics, and residences. The situation is unbeatable when choosing between the most prestigious national and international colleges and universities in the city. ~ A few minutes by car from the Ronda de d'alt, it places us fifteen minutes from the airport. ~ ~ It is a unique apartment in its area due to its characteristics. If you are looking for a terrace where you can enjoy and feel free, you have found your home. Do not hesitate to visit it. ~ ~ The property consists of 71m2 built including common areas according to cadastre, plus 175m2 of terrace. We have added to the meters of the floor, 50m2 of terrace, a third of its footage, which is the value that an official appraisal would give the property, in case financing is required. Which gives us the approximate total of 120m2 shown in the post. ~