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What price would you be willing to pay if we showed you a home with all the characteristics you want ...? ~ If what you need is a large home, we propose this one that has 92 m² useful and 104 m² built with 3 bedrooms (before 4, but No problem adapting it again if you need another bedroom ...) it has a dreamy living-dining room of almost 34m², yes, you read that correctly, it is huge like a house, and if you like to watch TV or the cinema or your best Nefl programs ... (I am not going to advertise) you will have an ideal space to place your TV screen over 65 or projector, since the distances are considerable and ideal to enjoy your entertainment and hobbies Like you will find an independent area and enough to be able to telework, make video conferences, study, read ... and whatever you want ... yes, you will not be alone, since in the mornings you will be accompanied by rays of sunlight that in Tran through all the windows even through the balcony that it has and that overlooks the street ..... what else do you need? .... an independent kitchen with a serving hatch that will delight your loved ones when you pass their favorite dishes through it and your new culinary creations and also without moving from the sofa, or being able to have coffee or breakfast on a stool ....?. And if I tell you that it has 2 complete and spacious bathrooms, one with a shower tray and the other with bathtub? And if I tell you that everything is in perfect condition, so you won't have to make any reforms? And if we tell you that it is also equipped with heating and with an elevator in a semi-new and very well preserved building? In addition, this house is located on the outskirts of the urban center so you will obtain the tranquility you are looking for ... it has areas for outdoor sports such as running, cycling, walking with your pet, and even going to the beach that you have it about 20 minutes walk and enjoy the beautiful coastline that we invite you to explore ..... well, we won't tell you more ... just one question: ~ Would you be willing to pay € 165,000.- plus taxes, notary and record? ~ if your answer is yes .......... we invite you to take a deep breath, close your eyes, and relax ...: you have just found your home ... ~ We will help you with everything else .... tell us and we will gladly teach you .... ask us for an appointment or ask us for a virtual visit .... what are you waiting for ....!


Zone Centre.
Les Roquetes (St. Pere de Ribes)