Central heating



Do not you find what you are looking for? If your answer is NO ..... let us show you this house .... possibly everything will be YES !!!! ~ * NOTE: Remember that 100% of what you are looking for does not exist, but what if we show you 80% ..... look at the questions and answers ~ Does it have an elevator? Answer: Yes ~ Does it have a large terrace or balcony to have dinner or have an aperitif or if we are confined to have an exit to the outside? answer: Yes ~ it has direct sunlight and is very bright and very well oriented? ~ Answer Yes ~ Do you have a parking space? ~ Answer Yes ~ Is the house ready to move in? ~ Answer Yes ~ Is it at market price or even cheaper? ~ Answer Yes ~ Do you want to see it? ~ If so ......... it is up to you to decide !!!!!


Zone Institut.
Les Roquetes (St. Pere de Ribes)