And if we tell you that we present you a fantastic house with a large land and garden where your children can play, you can live with your loved one or loved ones, perhaps with a family member with reduced mobility (since everything is on the ground) and part first floor so that you can also have your independence? ~ Do you like the reforms and put things to your liking? Or do you like living with a retro air but everything very careful and keep updating calmly? Well this can be your ideal home !!! Of course, right now it has 6 spacious bedrooms ..... if you are a large family it will be ideal for you ... ~ What do you like having a pool? What do you like to have a garden and eat in a healthy way? Do you need a tank of 30,000m3 of water? have you had a bad time in the unfortunate confinement that we have had to go through without the possibility of going abroad? Well, if you want to live near the urban center and everything is flat, without slopes etc, come and see it, maybe this house can fit you ... ~ By the way, it also has an individual garage and the possibility of building more .... in short, many possibilities ....


Zone Teatre.
Les Roquetes (St. Pere de Ribes)